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Haughfoot Lodge Location Maps


Haughfoot Lodge Location Maps








The Haughfoot Lodge Box - now over 279 years old

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The Haughfoot Lodge - Original Location of the Old Lodge 1702 - 1763

1763 Map - Haughfoot Lodge


The map above was produced in 1763. It shows the original location of the first Haughfoot Lodge (1702 - 1763). Just one mile South of Stow with Torsonce House overlooking the area. As no evidence of any buildings now exist, the exact location of the Haughfoot Hamlet has been a matter of much discussion and debate within the Lodge. All we can rely on are the two maps that exist from the time of the Lodge. Brother James B Hogg has kindly sent me copies of these. The one shown below is dated 1755. It clearly shows Haughfoot as being (at that time) midway between the Gala Water, to the East and the Turnpike road to the West. We know that the Turnpike was not opened until 1754, so it is very interesting to see another road or possibly just a track running parallel to the river and the turnpike, but right through both Haughfoot and Haughhead. I think that we can clearly deduce that in 1702 and for most of the Years that the Haughfoot Lodge existed that this was the means of travel from North to South and that travellers, probably on horseback, forded the rivers at the various junctions we see where it meets the river.



The above location map is taken from an early OS map dated 1873. Haughfoot is no longer shown, but it shows the Waverley Railway Line (opened in 1849). Haughhead is also clearly shown. When we compare the river bed location, on this map at or near where the Haughfoot Lodge is shown in the two earlier maps, we might deduce that the river had changed course slightly westwards possibly towards Haughfoot. The other observation I make is that on the 1755 Map the location of Haughfoot is roughly midway between the river bed and the Turnpike Road.

If we said that the river had not moved course and assumed that these two early maps did not accurately show that exact course of the Galawater, then Haughfoot was possibly bang in the middle of the railway route.

Finally, I show below an up to date Google Map of the locality. I have added where I conjecture the Haughfoot location roughly was

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